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Learn if you are eligible, what it takes to apply, how criminal records could affect you and the risks involved.

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Grants are in the amount of $465.
Donate a partial grant, a full grant, or multiple grants. Every amount makes a difference.


“I’m looking back at how much my life has changed since I was granted DACA two years ago. I received a grant to pay for the DACA fees by you guys Protectors of the Dream. I was a first round winner. I’m reaching out to you guys because I want to share my story and to let you know that I will not forget where I came from, how I struggled and when you helped me by giving me that grant. I know DACA is just the beginning but it has changed my life so much.

I am 23 years old now, my DACA expires in December so I will have to renew it soon. This coming school year will be my last year at The University of Houston and I will be graduating with a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering in May 2015. I’m very excited about my future. After DACA I’ve been living life like I never thought I would: I’m not scared to drive anymore since I have a license now, I was able to get a part time job legally while going to school to help pay for my expenses. But just recently I accepted an internship offer where I work now as an Industrial Engineer Inter at an oil and gas company, something I never thought would happen. I’m living my dream and I just can’t believe it. It’s amazing to see how everything’s changed these past 2 years. I recently bought a car, I never thought I would be able to do that. These are the things that citizens from this country see as normal but it has a different meaning to me beacuse I know how hard it was for me to get there.

My life has been upgraded, I’m not saying all these to brag, I just want to share my story and help young Hispanic students because I know how it feels to be undocumented and I know how hard it is. I want the world to know that anything is possible if you work hard for it and to help change the world for the better. And that people like me who came to this country have dreams and want to live freely with no fears. All we want is be part of the community and to give back.

Thank you so much!!”

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Dreamers Pledge

  • I pledge to live in the light because I will soon be able to live out of the shadows, in the United States of America, the country which I have adopted as my own.
  • I will strive to reach my maximum potential for I know that in me are deposited the hopes and dreams of my family and my community.
  • I understand that I will be held to a higher standard of behavior than others and I vow to carry out my personal life always exhibiting only exemplary comportment in my daily life.
  • I will only seek out the company of those who also walk in the light.
  • I will remain engaged to the plight of those who are forced to live in the shadows so that one day they too may walk out of the shadows.

Thank You For Protecting The Dream:

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